What are the main uses of copper strip


Copper strip is a kind of metal material components. Th […]

Copper strip is a kind of metal material components. The product model is 0.1~3×50~25b250m. Copper strip products are mainly used in the production of electrical components, lamp sockets, rechargeable battery caps, buttons, and hydraulic seals. , Connector, the key is electrical conductivity, heat transfer, corrosion resistance equipment. Such as electrical components, power switches, sealing rings, gaskets, electric vacuum pump components, heat pipe radiators, conductive butt welds and various parts such as water tanks, radiators, and cylinder fins.

The main purpose of copper strip is very common. Red copper has higher strength than red copper, and it is suitable for stamping dies to resist corrosion. The high copper content of red copper is suitable for conductive high-precision gaskets.

Common brass is divided into five types, including beryllium bronze, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, tin bronze, and common brass.

Copper has good electrical conductivity and heat transfer performance. Its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are second only to silver and higher than all other metal materials. Copper is located in the IB group of the chemical element table and has the same ancestor with gold and silver. The element of this group is characterized by good organic chemistry reliability. In addition, copper and aluminum alloys also have beautiful colors.

The use of copper closely revolves around its electrical conductivity, heat conduction, corrosion resistance and color characteristics; in addition, copper also has many unique characteristics that are rarely known: antibacterial characteristics. Copper sulphate (emerald green) is added to the swimming pool water, and a small amount of copper sulphate is added to the concentrate for livestock, all in order to avoid the breeding and contact transmission of germs. The door handles of overseas hotels and outpatient clinics of hospitals are all made of alloy copper, the purpose of which is to reduce the contact and spread of germs.