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China copper strips manufacturers and copper foil tapes suppliers

, Fullway Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of high-precision copper strips and copper tubes products, widely used in electronics, computers, communications, electric power, automotive, railway, aerospace and other fields. Currently, the largest copper strips manufacturers in Jiangsu province and one of the largest pure copper foil tapes manufacturers in China.

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We have a diversified copper strip product line. Relying on our own factory, flexible production chain and efficient sales system, we are able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Our copper strips are exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Middle East, Europe and America. We have become an important copper strip supplier for many large companies."

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What is the reason for the oxidation of special-shaped copper

The oxidation of the profiled copper material to gray-black is caused by the reflection of the surface copper and the co2 in the air. If it is not oxidized, the most critical method is to prevent the surface copper from touching the co2 in the air, f...


What are the commonly used non-destructive testing methods for copper materials

Commonly used non-destructive testing methods for copper materials include ultrasonic, eddy current, radiation, and penetration. Ultrasound Ultrasound is a technology that uses ultrasonic energy to propagate in an elastic medium, produce reflection, ...


Matters needing attention in copper processing

1. Red copper is the most common copper part we process, but red copper is softer and more viscous. During processing, the bonding between chips and the surface of the front knife should not fall off. Therefore, red copper is considered a material th...


How to distinguish copper material and its use

In daily life, each of us can be said to be inseparable from copper products, but even so, there are still many people who cannot distinguish the same materials correctly, and what are the uses of various copper materials. Copper materials can be sim...


How to avoid depressions on the surface of the copper strip

Many people have encountered the situation of peeling or pits on the surface of the copper plate or copper strip, and the last thing cannot be used for these reasons. Indeed, this is a very troublesome problem, because once there are pits or pits on ...


How to solve the discoloration of copper strip

(1) Ensure that the copper strip is dry. Partially seal the coiling outlet of the air cushion furnace, and use a dehumidifier and air conditioner in the partially enclosed device to control the humidity and temperature of the copper strip during coil...


Characteristics of copper strip production method

1. Cold rolled copper strip (1) Plastic deformation. (2) The pressure in the roll gap area is high, and there is a pressure distribution, up to 2700MPa. (3) There are friction forces along the rolling direction and the reverse rolling direction at th...


What are the main production process of copper strip

Copper tape is a very common metal component, often seen in electrical components, lamp caps, battery caps, buttons, seals, connectors and other places. Its main function is electrical conductivity, heat conduction, and corrosion resistance equipment...


Electrolytic copper foil is the material of FPC flexible printed circuit board

Electrolytic copper foil is a material for FPC flexible printed circuit boards. For example, the adhesive sheet for polyester is different from the adhesive sheet for polyimide. The elongation of the rolled copper foil is 20% to 45%. Generally, the t...


Uses and characteristics of copper foil

The use of copper foil: Copper foil can be used in electromagnetic shielding and related anti-static aspects. Putting conductive copper foil on the base of the plate and then combining with the metal substrate can show good conductivity , Not only th...