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China copper strips manufacturers and copper foil tapes suppliers

, Fullway Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of high-precision copper strips and copper tubes products, widely used in electronics, computers, communications, electric power, automotive, railway, aerospace and other fields. Currently, the largest copper strips manufacturers in Jiangsu province and one of the largest pure copper foil tapes manufacturers in China.

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We have a diversified copper strip product line. Relying on our own factory, flexible production chain and efficient sales system, we are able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Our copper strips are exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Middle East, Europe and America. We have become an important copper strip supplier for many large companies."

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What are the types of fire-resistant cables

Fire-resistant cable types: YTTW--The fireproof cable is covered with copper tape longitudinally wrapped and embossed on the outside, and the core of the cable is insulated with fire-resistant mica tape. The fiber cable or other fire-resistant filler...


The two major structural components of the cable

The two major components of a cable: conductor and insulator First, the cable mainly has copper conductors: The conductor can be divided into bare copper, copper plating, copper clad steel, copper alloy, copper foil wire and so on. Bare copper --- sm...


Copper brightness is directly proportional to quality

1. Burning Fake electric wires will burn quickly with fire, open flames and smoke. Real wires burn slowly with little or no smoke and no open flames. 2.Packaging There are signs on the insulation of the real wire, such as wire specifications, 3C cert...


The main classification and application of special cables

Special cable Special cables are cables with special functions, mainly including flame-retardant cables (ZR), low-smoke halogen-free cables (WDZ), fire-resistant cables (NH), explosion-proof cables (FB), rodent-proof cables, termite-resistant cables ...


The structure of control cable is similar to power cable

Overhead insulated cable Overhead cables are also very common for us. It is characterized by no sheath. Many people have three misconceptions about this type of cable, and the big cake is corrected here. First, its conductor is not only aluminum, but...


Power cables can be classified by voltage level

First, bare copper wire Bare wires and bare conductor products refer to conductive wires without insulation and without sheaths. They mainly include bare single wires, bare twisted wires, and profiled wire profiles. Copper and aluminum single wire: i...


Characteristics and hazards of cable burning

As we all know, the burning and deferred burning of an object must have three elements: flammable, heat and air. (1) Insulation materials and protective layers of various types of cables that have been widely used so far are mostly flammable organic ...


Technical requirements for the main manufacturing processes of cables

Design of shielding structure The shields of special cables for variable frequency motors of 1.8 / 3kV and below generally use general shielding, and the special cable shields for 6 / 10kv variable frequency motors are composed of split-phase shields...


Design of special cable for inverter motor

In the production process of special-purpose cables for variable frequency motors, the process of extruding the insulated cores and forming the cables is the most critical process. Insulation core extrusion process The quality of the insulation core ...


The main role and specifications of copper strip

Made of pure copper or copper alloy in various shapes including rods, wires, plates, strips, strips, tubes, foils, etc. collectively referred to as copper. The processing of copper materials includes rolling, extrusion and drawing methods. The copper...