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China copper strips manufacturers and copper foil tapes suppliers

, Fullway Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of high-precision copper strips and copper tubes products, widely used in electronics, computers, communications, electric power, automotive, railway, aerospace and other fields. Currently, it is one of the largest copper strips manufacturers in Jiangsu province and one of the largest pure copper foil tapes manufacturers in China.
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We have a diversified copper strip product line. Relying on our own factory, flexible production chain and efficient sales system, we are able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Our copper strips are exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, Middle East, Europe and America. We have become an important copper strip supplier for many large companies."

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Why does the copper strip change color during the production process

1. The most direct cause of discoloration of the copper strip is the residual acid on the surface of the copper strip. 2. The soft copper strip is more discolored than the hard copper strip. Because the soft copper strip is annealed at a high tempera...


Why do copper strips have shear indentations

The main causes of shear indentation are: 1. The difference in outer diameter between the shearing circular knife and the rubber peeling ring is one of the important factors affecting the shear quality. The main function of the rubber ring is to take...


The start-up ceremony for the equipment installation of Fuwei Technology High-precision Copper Belt ...

On the morning of March 14, Fuwei Technology (Wujiang) Co., Ltd. High-precision copper belt production line technical transformation project equipment installation ceremony was held in the copper belt four workshop, the company's chairman Zhu Ronghua...


Fuwei Technology successfully passed the Japanese JIS certification audit

Recently, the experts of the Korea Standards Association (KSA) certification body reviewed the Fuwei technology quality management system and laboratory related provisions, and supervised the inspection process of the physical product, and determined...