The difference between oxygen-free copper and low-oxygen copper


Oxygen-free copper and low-oxygen copper are definitely […]

Oxygen-free copper and low-oxygen copper are definitely not a material, they have a very big difference in performance, and if you carefully distinguish the appearance, you can also find some places that can distinguish them.


First, the production process of oxygen-free copper is different from the latter. According to the name, the main difference between the two is the oxygen content. At this time someone said, I know one oxygen and one oxygen-free. Although it sounds quite correct, it is actually wrong. Although it is called oxygen-free copper, this material is also oxygen-containing, but the content is very small, so negligible that such a material is not oxygen-free. The manufacturing process of the two materials is different, so there is also a certain difference in their performance, the appearance of oxygen-free copper is brighter, so when encountering two products at the same time, the general brightness is better oxygen-free copper Material.


Copper tellurium is a new type of product on the market. It is often used in the process of mechanical operations. It is a kind of mechanical equipment material. The main component of this material is chemical substances, but it The chemical composition does not affect its working environment. Because it is an environmentally friendly product, it is still promising in the market. The most important thing in the development process is to ensure the quality of the product. Make it more comfortable to use. So in which aspects is copper tellurium more promising for you?



1. Product Standard


Each product has its so-called development standards, and in the process of its development, it often has certain requirements. If there are no certain regulations or standards for the products, the quality of the products produced will be somewhat different. If there is a gap, it will appear to be reduced in quality, so no matter what kind of product has its own product standard, so the more standard the product is, the more formal the product is. And its development will appear faster.


2. Material properties


The material performance is also relatively good, because the performance of the product is often owned according to the quality of the product and its own characteristics, so the most important thing for the product is to help it improve the quality of the product material and continue to strengthen the performance, which It is more important. If these two points can be achieved, it will be better.


This is an important factor reflected in the development prospects of copper tellurium in the market.