Copper tape is suitable for manufacturing electrical components


Copper tape is a metal material component. The product […]

Copper tape is a metal material component. The product model has 0.1 ~ 3 × 50 ~ 250mm copper tape products in various situations. It is suitable for manufacturing electrical components, lamp sockets, rechargeable battery caps, buttons, hydraulic seals, The connector is mainly used as an electrical conductivity, heat transfer, corrosion-resistant device.

Such as electrical components, power switches, seals, gaskets, electric vacuum pump components, heat pipe radiators, conductive butt welds, automobile water tanks, radiators, cylinder plates and other various parts.

Brass: Originally referred to as copper-tin-aluminum alloy, and alloy copper other than copper and white copper are called brass, and are often regarded as the first key plus the name of the element before the brass name.

Tin bronze has good forging characteristics, corrosion resistance and good physical properties, and is suitable for the production of rolling bearings, worm gears, transmission gears, etc.

Lead brass is a raw material for rolling bearings commonly used in modern engines and CNC grinders.

Aluminum bronze has high compressive strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is used for forging high-load transmission gears, bushings, marine propellers, etc.

Beryllium bronze and phosphor copper rods have high ductility limits and good electrical conductivity, and are suitable for the production of precision springs and electrical contact components. Beryllium bronze is also used in the production of non-sparking tools for media mining, petrochemical plants and other applications.