What are the types of fire-resistant cables


Fire-resistant cable types:

YTTW--The fireproof cable is covered with copper tape longitudinally wrapped and embossed on the outside, and the core of the cable is insulated with fire-resistant mica tape. The fiber cable or other fire-resistant filler is used for the cable.

BBTRZ--The fire-resistant cable has the same structure as above. The fire-resistant mica tape is replaced with a ceramic silicon rubber tape. I do n’t know which of these two cables with different insulation is better.

NG-A--The outer sheath of the fire-resistant cable is made of aluminum, that is, the copper tape longitudinal package welding embossing has been changed to the aluminum tape longitudinal package welding embossing. The inner core of the cable may be wound with several layers of refractory insulation tape.

BTLY--continuously extruded aluminum tube is used for the protection of the fireproof cable. The inside of the cable core is also the extruded and coated aluminum tube. The protection of the aluminum tube inside and outside the cable is polished, without embossing. This cable The bending performance is definitely a flexible fireproof cable without longitudinal package welding and then embossing.

BTTZ--mineral insulated cable, some people call it magnesium oxide cable. This cable should be a cable with good fire resistance, but the production process is very complicated, mainly because the filling of magnesium oxide powder is more difficult to produce. The equipment is not yet localized, and it mainly depends on the introduction of advanced technology and equipment.