Continuous production process of phosphorus-containing oxygen-free copper tape


The raw materials used in the continuous production pro […]

The raw materials used in the continuous production process of copper tape company are phosphorus-containing oxygen-free copper tape, silicon oil-filled magnesium oxide powder, and coiled copper conductors. The phosphorus-containing oxygen-free copper tape can weigh up to 700kg, and the coiled copper conductor can weigh up to 1 ton. The filling or ceramic column assembly process can only reach a cable of about 200kg, so from the source, the continuous production process ensures the supply length of raw materials. Theoretically speaking, in the continuous production process of copper tape, the quality of raw materials is guaranteed and the electrical stability is high. A 2L1.5 cable can reach about 8 kilometers. Due to the constraints of the wire take-up device, a 2L1.5 cable The longest cable can be as high as about 4 kilometers.

1. Conductor material

The conductor material used in mineral insulated cables is solid core, approximately circular cross-section, annealed oxygen-free copper with high conductivity. The two necessary conditions for satisfying the conductor material are one of the most basic high conductivity for effective transmission of electric energy, and the other is the extensibility of the material to meet the process requirements. Flexible copper with high conductivity can meet the requirements of most wiring cable conductors. The oxygen content in oxygen-free copper is very low. The structure of this copper is a uniform single-phase structure, which is very beneficial to toughness. The rollability of oxygen-free copper is superior to that of low-oxygen copper rods in all wire diameters.


2. Sheath material

The standard sheath material uses phosphorus-containing deoxidized copper tape (phosphorus-containing copper tape is convenient for welding). The deoxidized phosphorous copper tape does not contain more than 50ppm of arsenic and tellurium and no more than 15ppm of sulfur. The corners on both sides of the phosphorus-containing deoxidized copper tape must be smooth, clean, bright, free of burrs and oil spots, so as to ensure the stability and quality of the welding, and to ensure the smooth progress of the rolling.

3. Insulation material

Insulating material for mineral insulated cables, inorganic magnesium oxide--its physical and chemical properties are very stable, non-corrosive to copper, melting point up to 2800℃, high electrical strength, high thermal conductivity, non-toxic, and the purity of the material can be made up to Above 94%, for special occasions such as nuclear power plants, the material purity requirements for magnesium oxide are higher. Magnesium oxide used in the continuous production process of copper tape longitudinal cladding welding mainly considers the flow rate, density, and particle size distribution of magnesium oxide. 1) The flow rate is controlled between 160∽210s/100g. 2) The tap density is between 2.13∽2.33g/cm3. 3) The particle size distribution is directly related to the density. The normal particle size distribution is from +40-325 mesh, from high to low in a decreasing form.