The main application areas of copper tape and copper plate


Which industries are copper tapes and copper plates gen […]

Which industries are copper tapes and copper plates generally used for? Which products are they used for?

Here is a brief introduction: Copper tape can be used in: hardware factories, electronic products, some toy parts, molds, etc.; as small as a computer USB interface (some non-ferrous), some batteries, as large as copper coins, souvenirs, and crafts , Clocks, meters, bathroom accessories, bolts, valves, water pipes, connecting pipes for internal and external air conditioners and radiator gas, etc.

The role of copper plates is similar: hardware factories, electronic products, molds, etc., cold-drawing, deep-drawing hardware, radiators, automobile connectors, terminals, relays, buttons, handicrafts, battery shrapnel.



In short: industrial metal materials have a wide range of uses, and most of the products in life can more or less see these metal material components; whether it is plate, tape, bar, or profile, it is the same. It's not that the kind of steel on the construction site appears in our minds when we talk about metal materials, but the ones used in industry: screwdrivers, mobile phone cases, keychains, knives, teapots, staplers, etc. are everywhere, some It is stainless steel, special steel, die steel; some are aluminum alloy, and some are copper alloy.

What are the common grades of copper?

For example, C2680 brass on our website; of course there are other grades:

There are about tens of thousands of all grades of metal materials. Commonly used copper plate grades: H62, H65, H68, H70, H80, H90, C2600, C2680, C2700, C5210, C5191, C51000, QBe2.0, C1100, T2, etc.