What is a high-precision copper strip


High-precision copper strip:   Refers to various t […]

High-precision copper strip:


Refers to various technical specifications (such as chemical composition, thickness deviation, shape and surface quality) and physical properties (generally including tension, hardness and bending force) that meet the requirements of higher accuracy 'and meet the directors' belief that they are among the similar products in the Chinese market ) Or (higher level) national standard (GB) required copper strip.


1. High-precision zinc white copper strip


BZn15-20 (C7541) BZn18-18 (C7521) BZn18-20 (C7521) BZn18-10 (C7351) BZn18-26 (C7701)


The cupronickel alloy is an alloy containing copper-nickel alloy and zinc in different proportions, but does not contain silver. "Silver white" refers to the color of the alloy. The zinc white copper strip is bright silver-white, with good workability, magnetic shielding, corrosion resistance and high elasticity.


High-precision zinc white copper strips are widely used in crystal resonator shells, mobile phone shields, eyeglass frames, optical instruments, silverware, jewelry, zippers and keys, musical instruments and coins.


2. Copper tape for high precision lead frame, LED lead and IC lead frame


QFe0.1 (XYK-1 / C1921 / KFC) QFe2.5 (XYK-4 / C194);


Three different types of alloys constitute the three main series of copper tapes for lead frames: copper-iron-phosphorus alloys, copper-nickel-silicon alloys, and copper-chromium-zirconium alloys. The high-precision lead frame copper tape has high electrical and thermal conductivity, high strength and corrosion resistance. C194 and KFC are the two most representative types of copper-iron-phosphorus alloys, and they are also the most commonly used.


The high-precision lead frame copper tape is the basic raw material for manufacturing integrated circuits, semiconductor discrete devices and LED lead brackets, and is mainly used for integrated circuits, large and medium power tubes, light emitting diodes and triodes.