Special-shaped copper strip selection for power transistor industry


Characteristics of power transistors Power transistor ( […]

Characteristics of power transistors

Power transistor (GTR) has the advantages of convenient control, short switching time, reduced on-state voltage, good high-frequency characteristics, and wide safe working area. However, the problem of secondary breakdown and the shortcomings that it is difficult to improve the withstand voltage hinder its further development.

Power transistors are bipolar high-power devices, also known as giant transistors or power transistors, or GTR for short. It is still a transistor in essence, so the working principle is the same as that of a general transistor. However, because it is mainly used in the field of power electronics technology, it has a large current capacity, a high withstand voltage level, and most of it works in a switching state, so its structure and characteristics have many unique features.

The requirements for GTR are mainly sufficient capacity, appropriate gain, higher speed and lower power consumption. Due to the large current and high power consumption of the GTR, new features and new problems have emerged in its working conditions. For example, there are large base area injection effects, base area expansion effects, and emitter current pooling effects, which reduce the current gain, reduce the characteristic frequency, and cause local overheating. In order to weaken this effect, appropriate measures must be taken on the structure. . Currently commonly used GTR devices include three series: single tube, Darlington tube and module.



Why choose special-shaped copper tape?

Use less material to obtain higher contact pressure.

Power transistor selection

U-shaped copper tape/U-shaped T2 copper tape/U-shaped oxygen-free copper/U-shaped oxygen-free copper tape/concave T2 copper tape/concave C1100 copper tape/concave T2 oxygen-free copper/concave C10200 oxygen-free copper.

Such as: C1020-1/2H or C1100-1/2H

Material performance

Concave oxygen-free copper C1020R-1/2H or concave copper strip C1100R-1/2H

Available size

Thickness: 0.2-3.5mm Width: 200mmMax