Rolls must be concentrically vertical when forming copper strip tubes


Copper belt washing machine Construction: The copper be […]

Copper belt washing machine

Construction: The copper belt cleaning machine is about 2.5 meters long, about 1.2 meters high and about 0.6 meters wide. The main components of the outer casing are made of acid-resistant plastic products. It has a system for controlling copper content and a system for controlling the temperature of the cleaning fluid. There are two motors for circulating tap water and cleaning fluid. The import and export width is 100mm. Built-in transmission bandwidth up to 64mm.

Function: 10%-15% dilute sulfuric acid and 10%-20% hydrogen peroxide water pickle the surface of the copper strip to remove chemical reactions such as oil staining and deoxidation. The pickled copper strip is then washed with water and finally transferred to a copper strip forming mill after drying at a temperature of not less than 35 degrees.

Copper strip forming mill

Construction: A copper belt forming machine with 13 universal joints, 7 power-guided rolling mills, 2 motors, 7 gearboxes and 7 rolls (both pairs), the remaining 6 are all unused Fixed on the main frame. The first three gearboxes are connected together and driven by the motor next to the first gearbox. The rear four gearboxes are connected together by a motor beside the seventh gearbox. The roller is connected to the gearbox that the rolling shaft sends out. When forming copper strip tubes, all of these rolls must be operated concentrically perpendicular. The motor, gearbox and rolls are all the same. The gear ratio of each ring is the same as 79:1 (transmission and wheel) motor information: universal motor, 1000 rpm, 3.8 kW DC motor. Armature = 180 volts, 28.5 amps. The magnetic field voltage is 210 volts, 1.95 amps. The motor uses a fan to cool down.

Function: The copper strip with a width of 60.55 mm is longitudinally wrapped into a copper tube of 19.8 mm, and the gap between the longitudinal slits is about 0.1 mm to facilitate welding.

Welding system

Construction: The welded box has 3 pairs of water-cooled rolls with a diameter of 20 mm. The silicone oil transfer system consists of a "Watson Marlow" 504 DU pump, a spherical sensor with an observation hole, and a silicone oil drum rack. The vibrating hammer consists of a gearbox in a DC motor and cam mechanism. The motor control panel consists of a Lincoln welder, a single high-frequency 400 amp power supply, and a welding torch that uses circulating condensate to cool the torch. Seam control panel with camera, touch welding monitor.

Role: The most important part of the continuous production process of copper strip longitudinal welding is to ensure the quality and stability of the welding. The seam of the copper strip into the tube is automatically tracked by the camera and automatically adjusted to ensure the stability and quality of the weld.