Double copper tape take-up device and copper tape storage device


Double copper belt release device: Construction: The do […]

Double copper belt release device:

Construction: The double copper belt take-up device is a pay-off machine with two independent pay-off and brake air brakes. Two separate payoff turns are rotatable, each with a diameter ranging from (240-470) mm. The maximum bandwidth is 320mm, and the length of the four adjacent support bars is 600mm each. The copper belt is the heaviest (all) = 1400 kg, and the 60.5 mm wide copper belt is commonly used (up to 700 kg per dish).

Role: to maintain a certain tension between the copper belt take-up machine and the copper belt storage line. The advantage of the copper tape take-up machine is that. When a copper strip is used up, replace it with another copper strip without any shutdown (argon gas is used as shielding gas, UTP silver electrode is filled with argon arc welding) to ensure continuous production of the production line.

Copper belt storage line:

Construction: The copper belt storage pulley is 4 meters high and 2.5 meters wide. The two sides are vertical columns, and the top of the middle is a pulley block (6 diameter 360mm pulleys). There is also a pulley block (5 pulleys with a diameter of 360mm) in the middle. The pulley block is not electrically driven but has a hydraulic tension control member that can be stopped in the event of a broken copper strip. (As a protective measure) There is a separate pulley that is fixed in the safety cage to guide the copper belt into the pulley block. There is also a signaling device that determines the position of these pulleys. Function: Ensure that the copper strip in the copper strip reel has a certain tension with the copper strip washer. The copper tape storage device can store enough copper strips to gain ample time for soldering between the copper strip and the copper strip.