Copper foil has a very high status in the field of electronic products


Copper foil is an indispensable basic material for 5G b […]

Copper foil is an indispensable basic material for 5G base station construction. Mainly because of its good conductivity, it is mainly used in the construction of lithium batteries.


Copper foil is made of copper plus a certain percentage of other metals. The copper content of copper foil is generally divided into 90% and 88%, and the size is 16*16cm.


Although copper foil as a whole accounts for only 2% of copper materials, copper foil has an extremely high status in the field of electronic products. Products made of copper foil are widely used in the field of electronic information. The application areas of copper foil are mainly divided into lithium battery copper foil and standard copper foil. The lithium battery copper foil is used for the production of lithium batteries, and the standard copper foil is used for the production of printed circuit boards (PCB) and copper clad laminates (CCL).


With the gradual upgrade of 5G's demand for high-frequency and high-speed, the demand for the value of copper foil in PCB is also getting higher and higher; and whether it is consumer electronics or new energy vehicles, the demand for large-capacity batteries is an overwhelming trend , Increasing the demand for lithium battery copper foil; in addition, FPC with the development of wearable devices and the Internet of Things market, driving the demand for electrolytic copper foil.



Insufficient domestic high-end supply has huge development space


China is the largest copper producer and copper consumer market, but the production of high-frequency high-speed copper foil is very small, the high-end supply of electrolytic copper foil is insufficient, and the low-end supply is more. China's copper foil production capacity has entered after 2017 High growth period. Judging from the copper foil classification capacity, the main capacity increase is concentrated in lithium battery copper foil, which means that after 2017, the development of the new energy industry chain has driven the increase in lithium battery copper foil capacity. It is expected that the future copper foil output will continue to grow. At that time, the PCB copper foil required for 5G base station construction will increase in production capacity, and the research and development of high-end copper foil materials will be the main goal of high-tech copper processing enterprises.