Comparison of the cable shielding effect of copper wire and copper tape


In the cable structure, is copper wire shielded or copp […]

In the cable structure, is copper wire shielded or copper tape shielded?

Let us understand that the shielding layer is mainly used to resist external electromagnetic interference and prevent the electromagnetic field generated by itself during the use of the surrounding environment and the fault current.

According to the requirements for the shielding performance of the application, the selected materials are also different, such as copper wire braided shield, copper tape wrapped shield, copper wire sparsely wound shield, aluminum alloy wire braided shield, copper clad aluminum wire braided shield, aluminum-plastic composite With wrapping shielding and so on. Among them, in order to ensure the continuity of the shielding layer and reduce the transfer impedance of the shielding layer, it is usually necessary to place one or more annealed copper wires longitudinally in the shielding layer as a drain wire for copper tape wrapping and aluminum-plastic composite tape wrapping.



Copper wire shield

The main direction of the copper wire shielding current is the same as the spiral shape of the copper tape. The copper wire shielding the current flow path is short and the heat emitted is less, and the two layers of copper tape shielding, the shielding cross-sectional area increases, and the flow through As the current decreases, the amount of heat emitted also decreases. It can also play the role of shielding the signal. But for the larger current carrying capacity of 500mm2, the electromagnetic field generated by itself is also larger. When the short-circuit current exceeds a certain value, the effective cross-sectional value of the two-layer 0.12mm copper tape cannot reach the copper wire The relatively large effective cross-section value that can be achieved by sparse winding.

Copper tape shield

From the above comprehensive considerations, the shielding effect of copper wire is much better than other shielding methods, and the continuity is more reliable. You can choose copper wire shielded cable.

However, depending on the construction plan and radiation environment, the utilization rate of copper tape shielded cables is also very high.