What is the reason for the oxidation of special-shaped copper


The oxidation of the profiled copper material to gray-black is caused by the reflection of the surface copper and the co2 in the air. If it is not oxidized, the most critical method is to prevent the surface copper from touching the co2 in the air, for example Coat the copper surface with an insulating chemical substance (such as vegetable oils) without touching the co2, and use sandpaper to polish the oxidized copper surface to restore it, and then coat the insulation after restoration!

How to deal with special-shaped copper materials after being oxidized?

1. The rusty copper-aluminum profile should be cleaned with a technical professional anti-rust treatment copper standard solution before it is solved, so that the oxidized part of the copper surface can be cleaned and the good part will not be easily destroyed. The length of time in the whole process of cleaning depends on the level of erosion of the oxidized part. If the air oxidative erosion is more powerful, wash it in the cleaning standard solution for 20 minutes. If the erosion is generally not serious, just wash it. You can wash it off, about ten minutes!

2. After the etched copper material was solved, chemical polishing was started with the polishing liquid, mainly to melt the uneven surface of the watchband special-shaped copper material, and remove the etched surface and the abraded area. It can also remove the rust of magazines and periodicals, and the polished copper surface will last for a long time.

3. Put the polished copper parts into the passivating agent for the first time. The key purpose is to prevent color fading, which can maintain the gloss of the surface of the special-shaped copper material for a long time without being corroded by the co2 in the air.