The new shielded copper strip is widely used


How to achieve the optimal combination of material cost […]

How to achieve the optimal combination of material cost, electrical performance (good shielding effect), structural quality, and environmental corrosion resistance has long plagued the research and development of metal shielding tape. Bimetallic composite materials have not been promoted, and the application of pure copper strips in wire and cable is still the absolute mainstream.

The author has been engaged in the research and production of wire and cable materials for many years. He has also been paying attention to and researching the cost reduction of metal shielding tapes. He has conducted trial and performance experiments on copper and bimetal composite processing for various metals. It is considered that the composite copper shielding material based on the new copper base can reduce the overall density by processing innovation in processing equipment and process, and make a new type of shielding copper strip, which can well solve material cost, electrical performance, structural quality, Environmentally friendly corrosion-optimized combination of 4 aspects.

After years of research and experimentation, finally a breakthrough, a new type of shielded copper belt came into being. The new shielded copper strip is a new copper-based composite material with a density of 91.8% of the traditional pure copper strip. At the same time, it adopts a new processing technology, which reduces the cost of the processing link. The comprehensive cost is much lower than that of the pure copper strip. Cable manufacturers bring significant economic benefits.

The new shielded copper strip is widely used for internally shielded railway digital signal cables, various equipment cables, medium and low voltage power cables by optimizing conductivity, tensile strength and elongation while ensuring environmental corrosion resistance. At present, it has been mass-produced, and it has formed a large-scale supply in a number of well-known domestic central enterprises and listed companies, and the response is very good.

Based on its comprehensive cost and quality advantages, the new shielded copper strip has found a good balance point and gradually replaced the traditional pure copper strip in some areas, and the development prospect is very broad.