The high-precision copper belt is a rose-red metal


High-precision beryllium bronze tape is used as an irre […]

High-precision beryllium bronze tape is used as an irreplaceable elastic component material in the electronics, aerospace, aerospace and weapon industries. It is used to manufacture elastic components of important parts, various wear parts and bearings and linings working at high speed, high pressure and high temperature. Sets; instrument parts, diaphragms, bellows, bellows, contact bridges, microswitches; biomedical, navigational instrument magnetic sensor housings, seismographs, ultrasonic vibration energy detector springs; and used in chemical, mining and refineries Safety tools that do not generate sparks, as well as various deep-drawing parts.

The high-precision copper belt is a rose-red metal, also known as pure copper or red copper. The copper belt is not necessarily pure copper. It contains 99.9% copper and sometimes adds a small amount of deoxidizing elements or other elements. Improve material and properties to provide high thermoelectric conductivity, processability, ductile corrosion resistance and weatherability.

High-precision copper belt is mainly used for making electrical equipment such as generators, busbars, cables, switchgear, transformers, etc., and heat exchangers for heat exchangers, pipes, solar collectors, and other flat-plate collectors.

The three main series of copper strips for lead frames are: copper-iron-phosphorus alloy, beryllium-copper-nickel-niobium alloy and copper-zirconium alloy.

C7025 is a representative of copper-nickel-niobium alloys. C7025 and C194 are both high-strength and high-performance copper alloys, especially in the final stage of the alloy manufacturing process, using temperature aging. This effect is like re-calendering, which makes the material more rigid and strong, while increasing the electrical conductivity and elongation, which is a sign of the thinning trend of electronic materials. The most famous CORSON alloy is C7025. Ideal for automotive terminals and IC leadframe materials.