Mineral insulated cables can be used as ground conductors


Resistance to mechanical damage: Because the metal shea […]

Resistance to mechanical damage: Because the metal sheath of the cable has a certain strength and toughness, and magnesium oxide is highly compressed during the processing of the cable, when the cable is subjected to deformation such as bending, squashing, twisting, etc., between the core wires and The relative position between the core wire and the sheath remains the same, without short-circuiting and without affecting electrical performance.

Long life: Since the materials used in the cable are all inorganic materials, they do not age. Its service life can be calculated according to the rate of oxidative corrosion of the copper sheath. The data shows that the sheath is oxidized to 0.25mm, and it takes 257 years at an ambient temperature of 250 ° C. The thickness of the sheath of mineral insulated cables is generally between 0.34-1.05, and the operating temperature is lower than 250 ° C. Features of long life.

Halogen-free and non-toxic: Because the cables are all made of inorganic materials (metal copper and magnesium oxide powder), even if it is burned at a high temperature of 1000 ° C, no smoke, halogen and toxic gases are generated. It is truly halogen-free and non-toxic. cable.

Overload resistance: Because the melting point of copper is 1083 ° C and the melting point of magnesium oxide is 2800 ° C, compared with ordinary plastic cables, the current carrying capacity of mineral insulated cables can be improved by a section level, and it can withstand considerable overloads at the same time. Can reach more than 100 times the normal ampacity.铜 Copper sheath can be used as a ground wire: For mineral insulated cables, due to the continuity of the copper sheath and extremely low ground resistance, it can be used as a ground wire without the need for a separate ground wire.

Product use: Due to the excellent performance of mineral insulated cables, it is suitable for fire protection and the following lines with a rated voltage of 1000V and below